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The primary goal of accreditation is to make sure that educational material offered by any educational institution or professional individual meets satisfactory levels of quality and pre-set standards. Accrediting agencies are organizations (or agencies) that set working standards for educational or professional colleges, universities and degree programs, keep a check on whether those standards are met, and publicly announce their findings.

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Accreditation is a voluntary and not-for-profit process. Accreditation of an educational material ensures that it is operating according to the set principles and is meeting the required standards for an educational institution. Accreditation also ensures that the institution is operating as per the criteria and standards of quality of education and is meeting the benchmark set by the international accreditation agencies and professional learning commissions.

If an institution or individual is accredited and recognized from a reputable accreditation agency, that ensures that the institution or individual is offering a quality of education and its materials are recognized and accepted worldwide. It guarantees that the educational standards of the accredited institution would not weaken, which helps strengthen the institute’s credibility and wide recognition.