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The International Cultural Office (ICO) is a globally accepted and acknowledged, self-governing, non-profit and private accrediting body. ICO has been offering legitimate accreditation status to Materials and programs provided by individuals and institutions. ICO was formed with a mission of recognizing professional education quality and professional educational providers.

At ICO, the process of conferring on the accreditation status is different. The quality and standard of educational provision is evaluated through a predefined and proven method which involves rigorously evaluating the educational materials, based on the best global practices in education.

The first and foremost goal behind the development of ICO is to enhance the quality standards of professional education. Till date, ICO has been assessing and accrediting educational materials based on its predefined and proven evaluation methodologies. the evaluation faculty of ICO matches the global standards. Upon final accreditation the ICO also suggests improvements specifically targeted to education process.



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