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International Cultural Office (ICO) is a nonprofit organization registered in England and Wales (UK) under registration number 10446993 for cultural and professional development purposes.

Our Mission:

The mission of ICO is to promote and uphold premium educational standards worldwide. ICO tends to work as a means for improving educational standards while working with quality of education.

Our Goals:

Some of ICO's primary goals include the following:

  1. Develop and formulate norms for smooth functioning of educational institutions.

  2. Render accreditation to educational materials that meet our standard criteria.

  3. Encourage the adoption of sound educational standards and ethical business practices in the independent learning fields.

  4. Coordinate and work with the public, private, local, and international authorities at all levels in the development and exchange of information helpful to advance and uphold stable policies in the education quality field.

Our Standards:

ICO has a set of predefined and proven educational standards that must be followed by all the applicant institutions & individuals. These standards are designed as per the needs and requirements of good education.


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